Key West Writers Retreats 2019-2020

You know you have a story within you that is pounding at the doors of your imagination and longing to spill out onto the pages that others can read…papa

It is time to unlock the door and release the power within your personal stories. As you write, greater insights reveal themselves – both to you and through you. And as you share your story with others, you illuminate their lives with hope, faith, and love. Imagine if you published and shared your story with thousands?

But first, you need to write it!

You are invited to book your personal retreat or participate in a small group writing workshop in a lovely retreat house on the water – 15 minutes from downtown Key West. your room with a view awaits you!


Creativity Explosion – Key West Retreat Home Open for Artists, Photographers and Writers

There is no place like the beautiful Florida Keys to stir your imagination, infuse you with colors, soak in the meditative views to clear your soul to create something new. Come and recharge your creative batteries, get inspired by the art and literary world of Key West, and perch yourself on a rocking chair and sip beverages in the screened patio overlooking open water views. Author and photographer Julia Loren will be in residence to assist you / your group with your retreat. This is your – Time to write & Space to Create. If you are seeking mentoring and consulting on your book or e-book content editing or marketing consulting, please specify on the form below.

Individual retreat dates available. Mid-week only. Nov. & Dec

For those who wish personal mentoring on their writing projects and assistance on developing income producing e-book content and marketing planning, please specify on the form below. Author and publisher Julia Loren has assisted hundreds of authors and taught the ins and outs of creating marketable (profitable) content many during writers conference.

Small group retreats hosted – you bring the facilitator or group of friends.

Jan 9-12 – Creativity Explosion Writer’s retreat including attending open lectures at Key West Literary Festival

Jan. 17-20 – Artist’s Creativity Explosion. Space to create and explore Key West’s art scene.


Writing as a Pathway through Transition – Women’s retreat

Every ending is just that THE END…of some THING that caused total disruption in your life, your family, your dreams. Whatever happened, it is not the end of your life. How do you transition out of the ending into a new way of living when your future looks hazy? You write until the vision comes clear, the grief subsides, your smile returns and you sense a new vision and fresh hope trickling into your soul. And you do not have to write alone. Come and join us – a small group of compassionate women who will listen, encourage and laugh with one another. Take time out to celebrate life in the beautiful waterfront home just outside of Key West.

Julia Loren is an author and counselor who has weathered many transitions throughout life – losses of immediate family members, caregiving through a parent’s dementia, cross cultural travel with work and transitioning into new friendships and ways of life. Her experience in working with Narrative Therapy and writing for publication has helped hundreds of women navigate their way into new beginnings.

Participants will be screened so please schedule a phone meeting with Julia to determine if this workshop is for you.

Feb. 14-17 – Valentines day through Presidents day workshop

Please fill out the Key West Writer’s Retreat contact form and tell me which workshop you would like to attend and a little about yourself, your writing experience and goals.

I’ll get back to you promptly!

Spaces fill fast so I encourage you to inquire today.

About the Retreat House:

This beautiful location only 15 minutes into downtown Key West with spectacular open water views will enhance your creativity and soothe your soul. The 4-bedroom and 2-bath house layout includes 2 bedrooms with bath on opposite sides of the house. Two guest rooms have full water views. There is also an additional bedroom that has twin beds. For individuals or couples on retreat, a beautiful room with a view of the water and private bath awaits you. For small groups – four can be hosted at the house – two in the view rooms and 2 in the room with twin beds. The house is on one level (not elevated on stilts) so those with mobility issues can access all rooms and patio easily.