Beautiful Illusions: Strategic Travel Content and Marketing Development

The best tourism marketing specialists are travel writers who know how to creat beautiful illusions that will ignite readers’ imaginations and lure them to new adventures and destinations. I am both a well-respected travel writer and a strategic marketing consultant within the tourism industry. And I am available to develop strategic travel articles for your publications, DMO, and placement in national and international media outlets.Your Summer Office

As a travel writer, I understand the need for reader entertainment and great photos. My articles focus on profiles of interesting characters, soft adventure travel, in-depth experiences at various resorts, and quirky travel articles targeted to mid-lifers in their 40’s-60s’ who have time and money to spend on leisure travel that offers a bit of adventure. Some of those articles are posted on my blog, others have been published in magazines such as NW Travel Magazine, Living Better 50, trade and special interest magazines.


As a strategic travel marketing consultant, I understand the goals and perspectives of tourism agencies. This has led me to create strategic tourism media strategies that work for businesses and communities engaged in tourism.

J “Kat” Loren and Blue Moth Media offers:

  • Professionally written travel articles for use in tourism agency collateral materials.
  • Identifying the best travel journalists / influencers and publications for specific press and media trips and coordinating press trips for communities.
  • Strategic Brainstorming workshops for tourism staff to foster creative thinking and develop non-traditional paths to destination marketing that bring in the results. (This workshop on expanding creative thinking is a favorite!)
  • Travel photography
  • Product reviews
  • Destination article development and placement

Please feel free to contact me to help expand your territory, your brand, and launch your stories.


These are a few of the latest Blue Moth Media clients. All received favorable media coverage in articles positioned to catch the eye of their demographics, with ongoing impressions across social media channels.

  • Chaminade Resort
  • Mountain Trek
  • Princess Cruises
  • Diedrich Coffee Roasters
  • Living Better 50 Magazine
  • Aqua Cat Cruises
  • Napeequa Vintners
  • Wellspring
  • Pritikin
  • Hilton Head Health Resort
  • Sage Lodge
  • Movara Fitness Resort
  • Sparkling Hill Resort
  • Mountain Trek Resort
  • Paradise Helicopter Tours
  • Manduka Yoga Mats
  • Fit Bit
  • Chaco
  • Miracle Suits
  • Patagonia
  • Yoga Jellies
  • Kilauea Lodge
  • Redington
  • Fish Pond
  • Ullo – wine filter


Contact : Julia “Kat” Loren

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